August 07, 2018
The Chairman of the 2019 NVAA Nominating Committee, Kevin Eakin, has issued this Call for Nominations for the election of officers/directors for the Northern Virginia Apartment Association for terms to be served in 2019 (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020 term in office).  The 2019 Board of Directors will be elected September 26, 2018 at the Annual NVAA Meeting and officially take office January 1, 2019.

Download the Nominating Form

Please submit nominations by sending the Nominating Form to:

Northern Virginia Apartment Association
4600 Fairfax Drive, Suite 604
Arlington, VA  22203

Or email the form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nominations should be received in writing by September 3, 2018

If you have any additional questions, please contact Ludwig Gaines, Executive Director at 703.671.6777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Criteria and Guidelines


  1. All nominees must be an apartment owner, developer, or operator with broad senior level experience in multifamily housing.
  2. Associate member must provide a product or service to the multifamily industry.
  3. All nominees must be employed by a member company (in good standing) within a 6-month time period of the nomination and installation.
  4. Election as a NVAA officer/director carries with it a responsibility and commitment to attend all scheduled meetings.


The Nominating Committee will use the following guidelines in establishing a slate:
  1. Candidate’s prior participation in NVAA committees and/or their local affiliate.
  2. Candidate’s recognized professional/leadership role:
    • NVAA
    • Industry
    • Civic/Social


Nominations received for an officer/director position will be announced prior to and voted on at the Annual NVAA Membership Meeting on September 26, 2018.

Qualifications and Commitments 

Review the Qualifications and Commitments listed below to evaluate your (nominee’s) ability to fulfill the responsibilities of an NVAA Officer/Director.


Officers/Directors of NVAA will establish association policies and priorities based upon the organization’s mission and vision. Officers/Directors ensure the financial stability and growth for the organization.

Your commitment in entering this nomination process is for one year.


  • Knowledge, experience and demonstrated commitment to NVAA through service to NVAA’s committees and/or affiliates;
  • Demonstrated leadership at the state and/or local level or relevant experience within your own company;
  • Current multifamily housing industry experience, strong awareness of issues and relationships, and emerging trends affecting the industry;
  • Secure in own abilities - able to participate beyond personal development;
  • Skilled in multi-dimensional thinking and analysis;
  • Possess strong interpersonal relation skills;
  • A visionary - open to new ideas, able to prioritize and consider future directions. Have a clear view of the future;
  • Objective in evaluating the ideas of others;
  • Willing to invest in others as a mentor. Able to inspire confidence and enthusiasm;
  • Knowledgeable of (or the ability to learn) the fiduciary role of a governing body;
  • Strong integrity to establish and maintain a personal code of conduct that serves as model for others;
  • Support from employers/colleagues for the time and financial commitment required.

Self Appraisal 

To help you achieve a better understanding of your own motivations, consider the following:
  • Why do you want to serve as an officer/director of NVAA?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice time, money and other goals?
  • Can you identify with and work with the staff as a team member?
  • Can you subordinate your personal biases to respond to the needs of the entire membership and organization?
  • Can you relinquish authority and control when your term of service has ended?

Time Commitment

Participation will be required as follows:
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings (8 of 11 Board meetings) & regularly scheduled conference calls
  • Serve as a Board Liaison to one NVAA standing committees
  • Assist in recruiting 2 new NVAA members annually
  • Letter and report writing
  • Responding to mailings

Letter of Intent

A letter of intent, along with your application when requested, should include your acceptance of consideration for nomination and give NVAA permission to contact your references. Include your reason(s) for wishing to be considered for election as an officer/director of the Northern Virginia Apartment Association.

Key Components of the Application 

If you are selected as a candidate for election, information will be summarized from your application and presented to the Nominating Committee with an announcement of your candidacy at least 30 days prior to the NVAA Annual Meeting.
  • Name
  • Formal Education
  • Work Experience
  • Professional association/community service experience (All membership and leadership roles in national and local associations and organizations as well as dates of membership.
  • Articles published/presentations made
  • Awards/Honors received
The Completed Application and Letter of Intent will be due to NVAA on or before September 3, 2018.

Download the Nominating Form