July 06, 2016
Landlords in Northern Virginia will save thousands of dollars a year by automating their business with Cozy. 

The Northern Virginia Apartment Association (NVAA) partners with Cozy to provide Modern Property Management.

Cozy, a leading provider of property management software, has partnered with the Northern Virginia Apartment Association to bring modern rent collection and screening tools to NVAA members.

The NVAA serves companies, which own or manage apartment homes in Northern Virginia. Like most landlords around the country, the property managers of Northern Virginia still regularly deal with late rent, paper checks, and tenants who slip through the screening process.

The NVAA chose Cozy to help their members avoid these pitfalls, and to provide them with the tools needed to be successful.

“Cozy's mission is to bring peace of mind to renters and property managers by solving the biggest headaches, from rental application to move out," says Gino Zahnd, CEO and Co-founder of Cozy.

The partnership will help NVAA members access Cozy’s free core services, including:
  • Secure online rent collection
  • Easy online rental applications
  • Comprehensive credit reports, identity verification, and background checks
  • Syndicated rental listings on Realtor.com and Doorsteps.com
  • Property management tools that work on any device

Property managers across the country typically save thousands of dollars a year by automating their business with Cozy. Not only does Cozy allow them to eliminate redundant tools and services, but many managers immediately see fewer late rent payments when tenants start paying rent online through Cozy.

Cozy provides bank-level security and meets stringent data security and privacy standards in the credit, finance, and identity sectors. And Cozy alleviates the burden of handling, processing, and storing sensitive applicant information, while still providing comprehensive credit reports and background checks, at no cost to landlords.

Earlier this year, Cozy announced partnerships with the National Association of Realtors and Move, a tremendous show of industry trust. The partnership with the NVAA represents another important step toward empowering landlords and property managers around the country.

“As Cozy continues to raise the standard for rental management services across the U.S., we will continue to partner with other rental housing associations,” Zahnd says. “Our partnership with NVAA is one proud step in that direction.”

During the next few months, Cozy will host a series of educational workshops exclusively for NVAA members. These workshops will cover a variety of best practices designed to help their members become more profitable and successful.