Northern Virginia Apartment Association (NVAA) is an advocate for quality rental housing.  NVAA’s mission is to serve the interests of multi-family housing owners, managers and service providers.  NVAA strives to maintain a high level of professionalism in the multi-family housing industry to better serve the rental housing needs of the public.  We provide legislative and regulatory representation and communicate current trends and issues to our members.

Our members represent all facets of the multi-family housing industry; apartment owners, management executives, developers, builders, investors, property managers, leasing consultants, maintenance personnel, service providers and related business professionals throughout Northern Virginia.


NVAA protects and represents our members’ interest with regard to legislative and regulatory issues at the local and state level.  Our owner members view our legislative representation as one of the most valuable NVAA member benefits. To that extent we dedicate a substantial portion of our annual budget and our committee efforts towards representation on the legislative level that furthers our member’s interest.

Protect Your Company from Liability: as an owner member, you are supported by the NVAA political lobbyist. You will be aware of the variety of legal and legislative landmines that continually confront the multi-family industry. You will be armed with the knowledge, programs, and documentation that your company will require to remain in compliance with all laws and codes and will avoid the devastating liability of non-compliance.


NVAA provides timely and valuable educational offerings for all levels of your organization, from facilities to executive. Your staff will be supported with the training and education required for companies to stay competitive in today’s multi-family marketplace. These educational offerings will develop and retain high-quality professionals and foster tomorrow’s apartment industry leaders.

Networking Opportunities

Provide your company with the exposure within the multi-family industry that is paramount to attract and retain the most talented employees. Your company will also have routine contact with industry experts that will provide valuable insights on how to improve your company’s performance.

NVAA social events and holiday celebrations can augment or replace your company events. Strengthening your company’s organizational bonds is critical to business success, but can be very costly. The NVAA provides a variety of events where you can bring your company together in an extremely cost effective way and bolster your organization’s spirit.

Mentor Program

NVAA Member Mentor Program will help make you immediately comfortable. As a new member, you will be assigned a NVAA Mentor. A member that is already a NVAA member (in a different business segment than you) will acclimate you to the association, introduce you to various members of the association, and assist you with valuable tips on how to take advantage of the wonderful services and resources that your membership provides.

NVAA Partnership Program 

NVAA has developed a year-round sponsorship program that gives companies an opportunity to be recognized for the variety of NVAA investments they make and for connections to other NVAA initiatives.

Resource Center

NVAA has created a “Resource Center” for our members.  Need to know the current security deposit rate or what the current rate is for real estate taxes?  This is where you will find the answers.