Arlington will be a community where retail is convenient, appealing, activating and sustainable; that provides interest and authenticity, entertainment and experiences, and goods and services to residents, employees and visitors; and where local, independent, regional and national businesses thrive. The Arlington County Retail Plan (“Retail Plan”) will replace the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Retail Action Plan (“2001 Retail Action Plan”) as the resource for retail policies and varying types of ground floor uses. The Retail Street Maps will update and replace the retail maps provided in the 2001 Retail Action Plan. Additionally, there are several departures from the 2001 Retail Action Plan including an expanded geography; a strategic focus for primary retail sales locations; the accommodation of variety of uses on the ground floor; the creation of an environment for successful retail; and an increased importance of the public realm.

Since September 2013, staff has released three drafts of this updated policy document, most recently updated April 28. 

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